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Locally Built SA Series Dryer For Medical Breathing Air

Available On Short Lead Times And At Great Prices.

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Locally Built Compressed Air Dryer

Leaders in compressed air treatment. Artic Driers are committed to providing quality compressed air products and solutions.

Compressed Air Dryers

Artic Driers International stocks a wide variety of Compressed Air Dryers. Please visit our Products page for more information on Refrigeration Dryers as well as Desiccant Air Dryers.

Compressed Air Filters

With a large stock holding of various filters and replacement elements we are able to reduce lead times to our customers.

Condensate Drains

A range of condensate drains are available from Artic Driers International. Including the popular Artic 22 which is held in bulk stock. Visit our products page to see the full range.

Air Receivers

Vertical 500 litre and 1000 litre Air Receivers available Ex Stock. All receivers are coded to PED (Euro) and SANS 347 standards with a 11.5 Bar working pressure.

Compressed Air Silencers and Mufflers

As stockists of the Alwitco range of silencers and mufflers, we are able to offer a reliable solution. Our stock ranges from 1/8" to 4" BSP male in the popular ranges of "B", "X" and the Bantam series of silencers. Please download the brochure in our product page for the full range available.

Compressed Air Instrumentation

Distributors for the global partner SUTO iTec Germany, we offer a wide range of instrumentation. The variety of products include equipment to effectively measure Flow, Dew Point, Pressure and so much more.
Please visit our product page for brochures on the full product range.


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