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  • Activated Alumina

    This product is commonly used in heated and heatless desiccant drying systems. It may be used for drying Compressed Air, CO₂ and cracked gas streams.

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  • ADF Compressed Air Filters

    ADF filters are produced in South Africa and provides comprehensive inline compressed air filtration over a wide range of air flows.

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  • Air Dryer Mufflers

    Dual-stage filter element traps particulates for longer element life and less noise.

    The Air Dry Muffler is designed specifically to manage the demanding service problems associated with desiccant regenerative-type air dryers.

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  • Air Exhaust Muffler

    The Air Exhaust Muffler provides up to 85% noise reduction and 94% flow factor.

    The design is recommended for general purpose air exhaust applications for pressures up to 125 psi.

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  • Artic 22 Condensate Drain

    Time controlled drain valve is our most popular drain valve and it is sold at a highly competitive price. Drain times vary from 1 to 45 minutes. Consists of the 1/2″ Brass bodied valve, timer and strainer. Applications: filters, mid to small range dryers, air receivers and airlines.

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  • Artic 44 Condensate Drain

    Time-controlled drain valve is a high-end gear-driven drain valve sold at a competitive price. Drain Times vary from 4 to 24 hrs minutes set via a user-friendly keypad. The valve consists of a gearbox driven 1/2″ Nickel plated brass valve, with multi-timer IP65 valve-mounted control & gearbox unit. Applications: large capacity filters, mid to large-range dryers, large air receivers and airlines.

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  • Artic 55 Condensate Drain

    ARTIC 55 is an externally mounted simple float drain that is suited as a retrofit for any coalescing inline air filter. The drain is housed in a Perspex see-through housing. The fitment of the unit with a ball valve and bowl adaptor makes online servicing a breeze. Applications: small filters and small air dryers.

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  • Artic 66 Condensate Drain

    ARTIC 66 is an externally mounted zero loss, heavy duty float drain suitable as a retrofit for any large capacity air dryer, air filter or airline. The aluminium bodied drain is fitted with a push button drain override button. A sight glass is also fitted. The use of an inlet strainer is recommended. Applications: large filters, mid to large range dryers, air receivers and airlines.

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  • Bantam Mufflers

    Ideal for use where space is limited.

    Tough and compact, the Bantam Muffler is durably constructed of corrosion-resistant metals to withstand shock and continuous heavy-duty use under all types of conditions.

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  • CDK 10SA … 2500SA Air Dryers – Air and Water Cooled

    A high-quality air dryer that is built to last using stainless steel 3-in-1 configuration with a unique demister separator in one unit.

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  • CDK 3 … 8SA Air Dryers

    A no frills reliable air dryer that has a quality build. Not a fancy unit but a provides Clean Dry Air. The CDK mini series is a non cycling unit.

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  • Compressed Air Receivers

    The air receivers imported and marketed by Artic Driers International conform to the European Pressure Engineering Directives (PED) and SANS 347 standards.

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