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TX Series Compressed Air Dryer

The TX series of refrigerated air dryers has a unique patented heat exchanger design. Containing only two moving parts, this work horse has virtually a zero defect rate in the industry. Air is dried in a copper spiral heat exchanger. The sequence of the air drying circuit cooling is, Compressed air to Freon with water […]

R Class SSD Range Compressed Air Dryer

The R Class compressed air refrigerant dryer – SSD range uses a 304S stainless steel plate to plate heat exchanger, condensate water separator as well as the air connections, this avoids the risk of secondary pollution to your air quality. The SSD series dryer may be used directly for food, medicine, semiconductor, automotive spraying industries, […]

R Class PD Range Compressed Air Dryer

The R Class – PD refrigeration compressed air dryer range utilises a 3 pass plate and bar aluminium heat exchanger, mounted in singular or in modular form. The exchangers have a unique externally mounted water separator/s that uses spin velocity and agglomeration technology to remove liquid condensate under all load conditions. The inlet and outlet […]

Phase Change Material Refrigerant (PCM) Air Dryer

The incessant need to reduce energy consumption is an ever present fact for all plant engineers. It is estimated that compressed air production and compressed air treatment amount to approximately 30% of an average production plants power consumption. SPX Flow, through Artic Driers International has introduced a radically new approach to compressed air drying. The […]

HXK Series Compressed Air Dryer

The HXK series large capacity refrigeration air dryers utilise an advanced stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger manufactured in house by SPX Jemaco in Busan, South Korea. The advanced Freon circuit design is both simple and reliable, providing air drying from 24 to 360 m³/min at 7 bar G. The HXK series is fitted with […]

HX Series Compressed Air Dryer

The HX series of refrigerant compressed air dryers utilises an advanced stainless steel 3 in 1 brazed plate heat exchanger design with internal condensate separator and timed automatic drain. This air dryer has become an industry standard. Its advanced Freon circuit design is simple and reliable providing air drying from 2 to 18 m³/min. The […]

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