SXD Series Compressed Air Intelligent Condensate Drain



Compressed air is expensive and with power costs rising, the cost of compressed air will double in the near future. Reducing power consumption is clearly and industry priority. The use of intelligent level controlled drains to reduce compressed air wastage and power costs.

Intelligent capacitance level controlled drains eliminate expensive compressed air wastage that is associated with timer controlled drains, by only draining when the bowl is full of waste water condensate. The electronic capacitive level sensor monitors the level of condensate in the bowl and signals the low voltage heavy duty drain valve to open when the upper bowl level is reached. Water is then ejected. When the bowl is empty the capacitance sensor closes the valve. The valve automatically adjusts to seasonal humidity variations only opening when required.

The range consists of 5 anodised aluminium body sizes to cater for a variety of system sizes. The purchase price of these cost effective valves is recovered in less than 1 year by the elimination of wasted compressed air due to incorrect timer valve settings.

Number of models within this range 5
Capacities 1.32 – 500 m3 / min
Max working pressure 16 bar

High pressure versions also available.

Technical Advantages:

  • Compact and unique design
  • Successful draining of condensate due to large orifice (also heavily emulsified condensate)
  • Incredibly easy and quick to install and service
  • No complicated external control air balance line required
  • Integrated strainer
  • Top and side inlets available
  • Test Button feature
  • Robust aluminium housing
  • Direct acting valve construction for a reliable condensate discharge opening

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