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RSXW Series Desiccant Air Adsorption Dryer

RSXW Series Desiccant Air Adsorption Dryer


The RSXW desiccant chemical adsorption compressed air dryers provides cost a very effective solution for low dew point compressed air drying with designs that are proven in service for over 20 years.

Simple rugged designs with high quality parts provides end users with an air drying work horse at a great price. All models are built by Risheng in China to PED specifications and are SANS 347 certified.

The RSXW dryer can be supplied with an array of options including dew point control, fail to switch alarm, and more. This dryers control panel is rated for undercover use only.

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  • PED euro Standards with SANS 347 coding + Local AIA inspection
  • A robust floor mounted frame
  • Heavy duty inlet control valves
  • Heavy duty exhaust mufflers
  • Safety valves – 1 per vessel
  • A variable purge (standard) or dew point control
  • Purge and vessel pressure gauges
  • Pneumatic valve inline protection filter
  • Pneumatically powered plunger type purge control valves
  • Lifting eyes for easy installation
  • Stainless steel valve control piping


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Weight 22 kg


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