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Leak Management Software (LMS) for Compressed Air Systems

The Leak Management Software (LMS) provides a total solution for leak detection, management, and easy report creation.


Identify and track your compressed air and gas leakage and save up to 30% of costs.

The Leak Management Software (LMS) provides a total solution for leak detection, management and easy report creation. The software comes as a local installation on a PC and works seamlessly with our S531 ultrasonic leak detector. Recording leaks in the field using SUTO S531 leak detector and later importing them to LMS software enables users to gather quantitative leak loss data and easily create powerful reports which provide a full overview of the customers’ leak situation.

Convenient User Experience and Powerful Analysis Reports

  • The simple and user-friendly user interface for easy navigation and leak survey handling
  • Reports can be personalized with your own company logo and contact information
  • Save your valuable time in report documentation by having a one-click report
  • Adjust your reports to local specifications by using the integrated unit converter

Seamless Connection with S531

  1. Initiation – Enter your own company information like company name, address and contact person etc. to be later printed automatically on your reports.
  2. Planning – Create a new project on the fly directly via the user interface of S531. Define project name, cost and unit settings on-site via the touch screen user interface.
  3. Execution – Use the S531 to perform the leakage survey on-site, record the found leaks, which saves the flow, and costs of leak losses, take photos of the leaks and record voice memos. All are to be used later in generating powerful reports.
  4. Preparation – After uploading the data to LMS software, users are enabled to easily check the leakage data, add useful information and/or correct date if needed.
  5. Reporting – Generate powerful reports with a simple click of one button. The reports are with your own logo and company info, so you do not have to spend any more time sorting the data and creating reports in an external tool, like ord or Excel.

Included in S531 for free

When purchasing a S531 ultrasonic leak detector set, one free LMS license is included. Start immediately creating powerful leak reports, without paying extra for additional software licenses.

Trial Period – Test it for 30 Days! 

If you want to try LMS we are offering a 30 days trial period with full functionality. When the 30 days are due to expire, in order to continue using the software, you need to buy a license.


  • Flat interaction design to simplify the operation steps
  • Local installation to manage and save your data locally
  • Easy one-click import and update new leak data
  • Powerful analysis leak report with all relevant data
  • Personalized configuration by uploading your company logo, contact person etc.
  • Optional print content by selecting your desired leaks to be printed
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