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JAC Series Airblast Aftercoolers

JAC Series Airblast Aftercoolers



The series of air blast aftercoolers are designed to meet the rigorous needs of the industry. Compressed air from the majority of air compressors is contaminated with airborne solids, water vapour and in most installations, burnt carbonised oil from the compressor. These contaminates, if not removed can cause high reject rates on end products.

Contaminated air also creates air wastage by causing valves, couplings and drain traps to jam open and increasing expensive air losses to atmosphere.

The JAC series of air aftercoolers reduces the compressed air temperature to within 10 Deg C. of the ambient cooling air. By the forcing of cooling (ambient) air over the finned tube stack that contains hot compressor air, and reducing the compressed air temperature to within 10 Deg C. of the ambient temperature.

This causes the water and oil vapour to condense. This condensate is collected in a separation area that can be drained with an Artic 22 timed auto drain.


Model Number        Capacity Nm3 / min @ 7 bar G        Inlet / Outlet   
JAC 10 1.82 3/4
JAC 20 2.73 1
JAC 30 4.31 1 1/2
JAC 50 6.64 2
JAC 75 10.54 2 1/2
JAC 100 14.52 4
JAC 150 17.84 4
JAC 200 25.73 4




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