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HRE Series Desiccant Adsorption Air Dryer

HRE Series Desiccant Adsorption Air Dryer


The HRE series of heated purge desiccant compressed air dryers is a unique options for clients that demand low compressed air dew points with high reliability and minimal maintenance while drastically reducing expensive purge air waste. This design, like its PSK brother allows for minus 40°C performance with -70 as an option on 100% duty cycle.

Manufactured by SPX Jemaco in Busan, South Korea to ASME codes that also comply with SANS 347, the units are a simpler form of long cycle heat regenerated air dryers. Typical time cycles being 8 hour NEMA.

A portion of dried low dew point air from the online drying tower is heated and reintroduced in a reverse direction onto the “wet” tower to desorb the drying media. This low pressure very hot air flow carries the moisture in vapour form to the atmosphere via high performance mufflers.

The HRE dryer is fitted with a versatile PLC control box that allows for adjustment in drying time as well as re-pressurisation times. It may also be supplied with dew point demand controller that can extend cycle time significantly and reduce even further purge air requirements. Purge air flow rates are field adjustable.

Controller Displays:

  • Alarm / Warning / Service
  • Temperatures
  • Heater Temperatures and Status
  • Energy Savings Status
  • Dew Point


Number of models within this range 18
Capacities 1.62 to 128 m3 / min
Max working pressure 9.5 bar,  Higher pressures available
Dew point -40 °


  • High Humidity Alarms
  • Moisture Indicator
  • Dew Point Control
  • RS 232 Port


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Weight 20 kg


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