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HDD Series Desiccant Compressed Air Dryer

The HDD Series of compact desiccant dryers offers users the air quality at the point where it is needed. Utilising reliable technology, the HDD dryers provide the security to run the process without interruption and to have safe and reliable operations of downstream machines and air tools.

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Capacities: 0.14 to 2.7 m³/min over 8 models
Dew Point: -40 °C standard, -70 °C optional
Max Working Pressure: 16 bar

The HDD desiccant type air dryer is a modular aluminium dryer which is a simple solution for any low flow application.
The HDD series of heatless regenerative desiccant air dryer compressed air dryers are a great solution for applications that require low compressed air dew points along with high reliability and minimal maintenance.

The HDD desiccant type air dryer is fitted with a versatile timer control that places the dryer into 1 of 3 modes, these are; Timer control only, Timer with dew point display integrated timer and dewpoint control.
An optional Oil Adsorber tower is available.

Model Flow Capacity (m³/min) Dimensions
(H x W x D)
Connections Weight (kg)
C-HDD-N002 0.14 420 x 366 x 226 1/4″ 14
C-HDD-N004 0.26 670 x 366 x 226 1/4″ 18
C-HDD-N007 0.42 920 x 366 x 226 1/4″ 24
C-HDD-N010 0.58 1120 x 366 x 226 1/4″ 28
C-HDD-N015 0.94 992 x 550 x 273 1/2″ 51
C-HDD-N020 1.20 1242 x 550 x 273 1/2″ 51
C-HDD-N030 1.80 1036 x 755 x 338 1″ 93
C-HDD-N045 2.70 1386 x 755 x 338 1″ 114

Based on -40°C pressure dew point with inlet conditions of 7 bar g and 35 °C

Systems for lower pressure dew points are available on request,


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