EAD 416 Compressed Air Condensate Drain



The EAD 416 is designed to remove condensate from compressed air systems on demand. The water levels within the housing to operate the drain valve. It is therefore ideally suited to apply on applications where power is not available or desired. The operation is automatic and there is no compressed air lost during the condensate discharge cycle. The EAD 416 will save compressed air and electricity costs. Drain times will vary dependent on condensate load. A manual override for the drain is standard.

½” BSP female top entry, with ½” side discharge, supplied with union to provide easy access.


  • Large capacity filters and water separators
  • Air dryers ≥ 10 m3 / min
  • Air receivers ≥ 500 liters
  • Airline drain lines

Key Features:

  • Inlet port / outlet ½” BSP female
  • No electricity required to operate the drain
  • Medium pressure 16 bar
  • Pneumatic operated valve – not diaphragm type
  • Large drain orifice
  • Ball valve strainer – optional extra
  • Manual drain valve fitted as standard
  • Suitable for all types of compressed air


For more information, please download the sales leaflet here


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