E Series Compressed Air Filter


The E series coalescing and particle filters from Artic Driers International provides great quality compressed air filtration in the compressor room and at endpoint air treatment at a very affordable price. Manufactured in Malaysia, the E series have 5 grades of colour coded coalescing and particle filters with a range of port sizes from ½” to 3″ BSP.

These filter elements have a pleated construction providing the lowest initial pressure drops and the highest dirt loading capability. The E series filters manufactured to ISO standards and are routinely DOP tested in Europe by an independent inspection authority to ensure the best quality standards at all times. Performance complies with ISO 8573.

Casings are die-cast aluminium with an internal coating to inhibit corrosion. All the filters are offered with differential pressure gauges as well as a condensate float type drain, Internally or externally mounted.

Artic Driers International has a large stock holding to minimise lead times to your plant.

Number of models within this range 10
Capacities 1.32 to 47 m3 / min
Max working pressure 16 bar


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