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Compressed Air Pipe Installations - Aluminium

Compressed Air Pipe Installations – Aluminium


We recommend aluminium piping systems for any clean compressed air application. The material costs tend to be higher than those of Galvanised and black pipe. However, the advantage of the piping material and installation method make a compelling case.

More on Compressed Air Aluminium Piping

  • Aluminium piping systems, such as the Infinity Piping from Aignep Italy are easier to install and to modify than a steel or copper pipe system. Infinity compressed air aluminium pipes are supplied ready for use, therefore labour savings of 50% can be achieved. No particular preparations are required other than cutting, deburring, no special tools are required. The pipe diameters are precise. This means that the quick connect components will fit securely and leak-tight1. 
  • Aluminium pipe is far lighter than steel or copper pipe. This assists in reducing installation costs and the weight stress on your building structure.
  • Aluminium pipe reduces the need for skilled labour to install. Threading, welding or soldering is eliminated.
  • The corrosion-resistant properties of Aluminium provides optimal compressed airflow. This reduces your long term energy costs, and an improved delivered compressed air quality.
  • The compressed air quality provided by a system built with aluminium piping is cleaner than the air delivered by a steel pipe system. The use of aluminium piping may also help to meet the requirements of ISO 8573-1: 2010 air quality standard, if specified. Cleaner compressed air also reduces your maintenance costs in your plant.
  • The fittings used with these systems fit securely and leak far less than the fittings used with threaded systems. This contributes directly into energy savings and improved plant productivity.

Note 1 :  The average cost of a m3  of compressed air is around R 0.11 as at Septemeber 2019. Based on 24/7/365 operation with a 160 kW air compressor with a power cost of R 1.10 kWhr and a simple maintenance plan.


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