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CCS 3000 Retrofit Air Compressor Controller

CCS 3000 Retrofit Air Compressor Controller


CCS 3000 Compressor Control System is manufactured in Europe and has been designed for screw and reciprocating compressors. CCS 3000 is a microprocessor based controller that stops and starts the compressor, performs pressure regulation, temperature control systems and protects the compressor against failures.

The CCS 3000 is a single unit which comprises of a control module and a control panel in one unit.

The CCS 3000 panel consists of 2 x 16 LSD backlight keypads and LED status indicators. By navigating through the menu screens in the display, one can see the alarm log, compressor working and maintenance hours and adjust the compressor parameters.

Standard Features:

  • Adjustable pressure set points
  • Adjustable continuous and automatic running mode
  • Selectable sensor or pressure switch regulation control
  • Adjustable start stop delay timer
  • Adjustable service hours’ time
  • Adjustable motor star / delta timer
  • Adjustable standby time
  • Integral power failure and auto restart facility
  • Adjustable communication parameters
  • Switchable NO / NC status of inputs
  • Remote start / stop. Digital input Data Communications
  • Remote load / unload digital input or date communications
  • Alarm log menu, last 15 alarms with machine working hours
  • Password protection
  • One function relay, alarm and fan control

Inputs / Outputs:

  • 2 Analogue pressure input
  • 1 Analogue input for temperature
  • 7 Digital inputs
  • 6 Failure inputs
  • 1 Remote start input
  • 4 Digital relays outputs (6A 250 Volt AC)
  • Motor main, start & delta contactors
  • Load valve solenoid
  • Auxiliary function (10A 250 VAC)


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