Artic 44 Compressed Air Condensate Drain



The Artic 44 timed automatic gear driven condensate drain is a proven solution to heavy condensate loads generated by large compressed air systems. It’s ideal for draining of large distribution systems, sir dryers, coolers and filters and receivers.

Almost every compressed air treatment process creates a water / oil condensate, this condensate must be removed from the air stream before the compressed air velocity carries it into your distribution system. The heavy duty gear driven ball valve of the Artic 44 does not require the fitment of a pre-strainer. It rotates a full 180° with each actuation, therefore debris is wiped away with every actuation of the valve.

Drain times are easily set from 4 seconds to 24 hours over ten pre-set time options with the drain interval being adjustable from 4 to 24 hours. A function test button, with LED indicator light makes operator testing easy. This valve may also be computer controlled making it the most versatile drain valve in the industry, manufactured by Jorc, Holland it’s a proven winner.

Inlet Port / Outlet ½ BSP fem
Voltages available 110v or 220v
Protection rating IP65 when assembled
Max working pressure 45 bar
Drain Body Material Plated Brass


  • Large capacity filters and water separators
  • Air dryers ≥ 45m3 /min
  • Air receivers ≥ 500 litres
  • Airline drain lines


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