Artic 22 SBS Compressed Air Condensate Drain



The Artic 22-SBS is a ½” timed automatic condensate drain valve that eliminates the risk of human neglect and the possible costly aftermath of air system contamination by providing regular controlled condensate draining of your air system, on time, every time, automatically.

The Artic 22-SBS unit is a derivative of the famous Artic 22-2. The prime difference is that the Artic 22-SBS has a solid brass body with built in strainer and isolation ball valve. It removes the the need for a separate strainer valve.

The unit is suitable for a wide range of compressed air system components such as air cooled aftercoolers, dryers, filters, pressure vessels and piping systems, regardless of their size or capacity – simply adjust the interval and discharge times to suit the particular compressed air system.

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