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CCS 3000 Retrofit Air Compressor Controller

CCS 3000 Compressor Control System is manufactured in Europe and has been designed for screw and reciprocating compressors. CCS 3000 is a microprocessor based controller that stops and starts the compressor, performs pressure regulation, temperature control systems and protects the compressor against failures. The CCS 3000 is a single unit which comprises of a control […]

HDC-1 Retrofit Chemical Air Dryer Controller

The air dryer controller model DPC-1 is an adjustable timer control panel that can control up to 5 solenoid valves making it suitable for any brand of heatless air dryers. With a digital LCD display and easily adjustable timers plus the option of adding a Dew Point Probe for simple monitoring or control of the […]

PSK Air Dryer Controller

The PSK air dryer control panel is manufactured by SPX Flow in Korea and has adjustable digital timers for drying as well as purge times. The easily adjustable timers for 5 valve operation, along with its tough outer casing make it an industry standard in air treatment in South Africa. Power supply 220 or 110 […]

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