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Thermal Mass Flow Sensor
Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Thermal Mass Flow Meters provide invaluable information on the flows in compressed air or gas systems. Because compressed air is a very expensive form of motive power, inline flow meters provide accurate information on the air or gas flow with high accuracy and reliability. Our range of insertable flow sensors are fast and easy to […]

Dew Point Meter
Dew Point Sensor Meters

Dew Point Sensor Meters from SUTO iTec provide reliable and long term stable dew points monitoring in industrial applications. With an accuracy of -100°C to +50°C, the dew point probes are reliable using QCM and polymer technology. They are tough and well priced. Available as a handheld portable unit, or for use in a fixed […]

S330 / S331
Data Loggers and Displays

There are four different options for Data Loggers from SUTO iTec. The S331 and S330 incorporate multi-axis colour screens making access to your compressed air or gas system data simple and intuitive. These models can monitor 20 inputs from a very wide variety of instruments. More if placed on a Modbus system. When equipped with […]

Compressed Air Analyser
Portable Air Audit Data Loggers

Portable Air Audit Data Loggers are an Energy Auditors dream to use. The S551 as standard issue can handle up to 6 sensors, more if coupled via Modbus. Battery backup or mains powered with an onboard powerful data logger. This portable data logger sets a new standard in air and gas auditing and measurement. The […]

S110 Power Meters

The S110 Power Meters are designed for easy installation and high accuracy. They measure the actual consumption on kW and accumulate the Energy consumption in kWh of a 3 phase load. The S110 can measure other parameters such as current, voltage, cos phi etc. Hat rail, wall-mountable and portable versions available. For more details, download […]

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