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E Series Compressed Air Filter

The E series coalescing and particle filters from Artic Driers International provides great quality compressed air filtration in the compressor room and at endpoint air treatment at a very affordable price. Manufactured in Malaysia, the E series have 5 grades of colour coded coalescing and particle filters with a range of port sizes from ½” […]

R Class Compressed Air Filters

The heavy duty high capacity coalescing and particle filters are manufactured by Risheng in China, to ASME standards and comply with SANS 347. On arrival in South Africa by independent authorities. These large capacity filters have 5 different grades of coalescing and particle filters that are kept in stock in Johannesburg. The filtration performance and […]

High Pressure Compressed Air Filters

Our high pressure filters are manufactured to exacting European standards and conform to PED 97/CE directives. The aluminium housings are robust and can be fitted with electronic external timed automatic condensate drains or intelligent level controlled systems. Long filter element life is assured by the use of pleated cartridges with multi layer filtration media. This […]

Retrofit Compressed Air Filter Elements – All Brands

Retrofit filter elements are now available from Artic Driers International, the six brands shown below, are kept in stock in the Johannesburg warehouse. Manufactured in England to ISO 12500 and complying with ISO 1873 the elements utilise high quality moulded end caps and top quality filtration media. DOP tests are performed in house in the […]

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