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In a time where skills have become scarce, Artic Driers has proven and experienced air dryer service teams with decades of experience and the ability to service almost any brand of air dryer. The crews have skills and experience on both refrigeration and chemical type air dryers. This is a major benefit to any client.

Services offered vary, from call outs to breakdowns. Routine filter changes, dryer servicing and oily water separator change outs are available on a monthly, quarterly or bi-annual services.

We service and repair various brands of air dryers including but not limited to the brands below

  • Compair
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Gardner Denver
  • Atlas Copco
  • Parker
  • Kaeser
  •  Zander
  • OMI
  • Friulair

Please Note: Although we are able to service the above mentioned brands of dryers. We are not affiliated by them, nor do we support their warranties on new machines.

Artic Driers International offers a 3 month warranty on service work performed by our service team. Please see our Standard Terms and Conditions for the details.



Service staff are able to verify the dew points and flow rates passing through machines on site under actual operational conditions, if required.


Artic can refurbish different brands of dryers to original specifications. If necessary new imported heat exchangers, are fitted to failed air dryers

In the case of the chemical type twin tower air dryer, we have the ability to hydrostatically test and replace control panels, replace media and replace or refurbish the valve banks. All pressure tests are witnessed and signed off by accredited third party inspectors.


Spare parts for the SPX Flow, and Risheng air treatment range are held in stock along with large quantities of adsorption chemicals. We are also an official agent and Importer for the “Alwitco” range of mufflers and silencers.


Our staff are equipped with the latest in mobile devices to allow them to receive and file job requests, job sheets with “on screen job sign off’s” all on the move and connected to the internet 24/7.

This ensures relevant information is captured, including site visit reports, pictures, and locations. This is all imbedded in the report. These reports can be forwarded to the client in minutes, if required. A full time service manager monitors job progress and captures information in client history files continually.

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