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ERC Series Airblast Aftercoolers

For applications where older air compressor are being used that are not fitted with on-board final coolers. These high temperature running units need to have the hot compressed air cooled in readiness for compressed air treatment and filtration. These locally assembled high capacity air cooled aftercoolers are manufactured in house by Artic Driers International. Equipped […]

JAC Series Airblast Aftercoolers

The series of air blast aftercoolers are designed to meet the rigorous needs of the industry. Compressed air from the majority of air compressors is contaminated with airborne solids, water vapour and in most installations, burnt carbonised oil from the compressor. These contaminates, if not removed can cause high reject rates on end products. Contaminated […]

1600 Series Air Blast Aftercooler

This compact 220/1/50 Hz air blast aftercooler is ideal for resellers and end users alike. It will reduce your water and oil contamination by some 60%. Foot mounted and supplied with a timed automatic Artic 22-2 series drain, this unit is compact in size and at a great price. Specifications: Capacity 1600 ltrs /min  (45 […]

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