Tight Budgets? Buy a Refurbished Air Dryer

Tight Budgets? Buy a Refurbished Air Dryer

Suffering from a reduced maintenance budget? The year 2020 has not been kind to most of us. Lower sales, higher cost per unit manufactured. It’s a non-stop onslaught of rising costs and challenges.

Although the Rand Dollar rate has improved a little in recent weeks that stock will already be on the shelves at higher exchange rates. So bargain’s from your supply chain are few and far between!

A great way to reduce your costs is to consider purchasing a refurbished air dryer. It can be one of two types. A heatless pressure adsorption air dryer for very low dewpoints or a refrigeration air dryer for the  3°C less demanding applications.

The refurbishment process can be simple or complicated. With a pressure swing dryer, the process is a little more complicated. Powder blasting and repainting, pressure testing and AIA inspection, new actuators and butterfly valves, or refurbished shuttles. New dump valve actuators and new silencers.

The fitment of a new control panel, control actuator valves and high end aluminium core small bore piping. And last, but not least, new adsorption media. This process provides you, the buyer, with almost a new dryer, but at a lot lower cost!

With a refrigeration dryer, it is a little less complicated but we are only able to refurbish larger capacity units that were built using modular heat exchangers. The process is similar. Complete strip down of all panels, powder blast, and wet spray. Replace the heat exchangers with new units, replace all electrical switch gear, Freon compressor, and condenser fans. Only then re-assembly takes place. Manifolds and gas piping remain as per the original build.

The result in either type is a working air dryer that is almost new, that will perform for many more years and looks great as well, but at a significantly lower cost size for size when compared against a new air dryer and will come to you with a warranty as well!

Artic is the only company that offers you this service. As you have seen the process is not a Paint Job, it’s a Proper Job.

Artic Driers International is an Importer and Distributor and is a level two BEE company that has provided South Africa with new as well as refurbished compressed air treatment equipment for over 30 years!

Call us now, let’s see if we can accommodate your sizing needs.

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