Is Dry and Clean Compressed Air Important

Most certainly, Dry and Clean compressed air will allow you to cut thicker materials cleanly and consistently. It also protects you against equipment malfunction and unplanned production outages.

Artic Driers is the sole importer and distributor for Airfilter Engineering (AFE) based in Malaysia and Germany. AFE manufacture a wide range of inline high-quality air filters. These may contain a variety of different filter elements of different micron and oil removal ratings. All equipment is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards. These elements also have German issued, ISO quality ratings that prove the efficiency of the filter elements.

What standard will the compressed air conform to?

To achieve this standard of compressed air consistently is not always easy, but the HDD series with its onboard filters provide air to ISO 8573 1.2.1. This essentially is medical quality compressed air.

Is the air Dry enough?

The air from these modular dryers is dried to a dew point of minus 40 °C Filters that are fitted as standard to the dryer. The range of HDD series heatless pressure swing adsorption air dryers are available in capacities from 0.14 to 2.7 m³/min with working pressures up to 10 bar G.

Oil free variants are also available.

AFE also produce the HDD series in a three-tower design. The final column or vessel contains high grade Coconut activated carbon that remove the last traces of oil vapour. This ensures the finest quality air consistently and at a reasonable price.

How do I know the air dryer is performing to specification?

The HDD air dryers can be fitted with an optional Dew Point monitor that will display air quality on an LCD screen. This optional extra cam also be used to control, the dryer and extend air dryer switching times very easily by the flick of a switch.

Where can this dryer be used?


The HDD range of dryers 

can also be used in the 

Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Plastics Defense and Dental industries.


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