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R Class Air Dryers – Reduced Prices

The R Class air dryer range is a great alternative for applications where capital purchase cost is a prime requirement in the purchasing process. Due to lower import exchange rates we now have great deals to for you m.

Ranging in sizes from 18 to 354 m ³ /min at 7 bar these units are priced attractively and well-constructed.

Many low end dryers are available on the market from different suppliers, but in reality, few, if any, have the aftercare and support that Artic Driers provides. Such as, onsite servicing, professional selection, pre delivery checks and full warranties from your proven supply chain.

The R Class offers benefits to both users and sellers;

  • Modular robust aluminium heat exchangers
  • Timed automatic drain
  • Heavy duty fans
  • Comprehensive LCD dryer system display
  • 9 month warranty
  • Generous hinged access doors
  • HP & LP pressure switch protection
  • HP & LP fascia mounted gauges

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Reliable Silencers for the Industry

If you are looking for a reliable inexpensive silencer for your air dryer or pneumatic application, look no further.

The Allied Witan range of silencers is well priced. Artic Driers also provides low cost Alwitco aftermarket element prices. The X series silencer casing has a unique lifting cap to release air even when the silencer cartridge is badly contaminated with dust.

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