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Air Dryer heat exchanger extended warranty by Artic Driers

Air Dryer heat exchanger extended warranty by Artic Driers

An Extended Warrantyperiod has been introduced by Artic Driers International.   The HX series of stainless steel plate to plate heat exchangers, as of the first of July 2015  have  been awarded a 3 year warranty irrespective of hours operated.

Many aluminium heat exchangers fail in the first 24 months of operation and these heat exchangers are quite common in our South African marketplace.  We at Artic Driers International are totally confident in our product and have no reservations regards the performance and life of our exchangers. 

Like all things in life T & C’s apply,   A short overview of the warranty is shown below, with a full warranty overview available as download on our web site, in the download page.

HX Series 3 in 1 Benefits

Extended Warranty – Heat Exchanger

Warranty Period – New Plant  36 months or 24000 hours whichever shall first occur from date of commissioning, provided that commissioning be within  45 days of delivery.    Log sheets of any equipment may be called on to substantiate a claim within the warranty period & shall be freely available to Artic staff on demand.  Log sheets are available from us on request.

The extended warranty covers the failure of a heat exchanger/s (air to air and air to Freon) on the dryer. The warranty is subject to  the dryer receiving a service every six months by Artic Driers service crews or its accredited & approved agent and that the supplied filters by Artic, namely  the  pre and after, be replaced at least once per annum or as necessary to  maintain the integrity of the filter system.  Other filter brands are not acceptable in the extended warranty  program.

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