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Sepura Oily Water Separators for compressed air condensate treatment

Sepura Oily Water Separators for compressed air condensate treatment


Liquid contaminates are generated throughout compressed air systems. To protect downstream equipment the condensate must be removed and discharged from the air system in an environmentally friendly responsible manner.

Condensate must be purified to strict legal levels before the water content from the condensate may be discharged into a drain and onwards to rivers or wetlands. Discharging of contaminated condensates not only damages the environment, but is illegal and leaves operators and CEO’s open to substantial personal fines.

An advanced low cost solution, Sepura™ offers a genuine alternative to more expensive machines. Simplicity in design, carbonless system construction and operation makes the purchase cost the lowest in class. The innovative design makes the unit easy to maintain and service, Silexa™ filtration it makes oil removal simple and cost effective. Sepura™ products are made in Great Britain.

When treating stable Poly Glycol stable solutions we have a solution. The Sepura™ D series has the active ingredient that simply eats at the oils leaving clear water behind for legal disposal.

  • Meets the latest hazardous waste regulations
  • Avoids the risk of prosecution
  • Six models to choose from
  • Any type of condensate drain valve may be used
  • Effective separation of mineral and synthetic lubricants
  • Effective separation of condensate allowing up to 99.9% of the condensate into the drain
  • Simple to install, operate and maintain
  • Performance guarantee

Water separators are selected on operational conditions, these can affect performance of the separator.

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