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Point of Use Drying & Oil Removal

Point of Use Drying & Oil Removal

This is an ideal solution for clients that need high quality compressed air at the point of use.  

Our E series range of filter casings can be fitted with  new adsorption canisters that offers point of use air c/air drying and / or oil removal to below carryover levels of  <0.003 ppm.

To find a dryer with a flow rate in any dryer range with flows under 0.3 m³/min is difficult. If an  oversized refrigeration dryer is used point_of_use-94x180.jpgyou will often experience high dew points caused by internal  control valve problems at low air flows. If and oversized chemical dryer is used, the purge rates become excessive & a bigger compressor is needed to meet the purge flow requirements.   

A cost effective solution is to use a point of use air dryer or activated carbon canister within a standard E series casing as the final air treatment on the application. 

These P.O.U. (point of use) units can be fitted activated with an alumina or activated carbon in a canister instead of a cartridge, to either remove oils or water in vapor phase  from the c/air.  These canisters contain >10 times more media than a normal  filter element. Its good practice to precede the P.O.U. casing with at least 2 coalescing filters to ensure as much water or oil is removed before the P.O.U. unit. 

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New, Artic 22- SBS  Drain Valve


now available  artic_22_sbs.jpg


For a while now clients have been asking for a solid body drain valve.

Great news, this version of the famous Artic 22 is now available at great prices. Starting at R494-00 each before quantity discounts & VAT.   These will be in stock as of the second week of March 2018.  

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New Float Level Drain available  aok20b-120x130.jpg

The AOK20B float drain is now on the shelf at the fantastic  price of  R750-00 each ex VAT  less resellers discount. It’s a steal

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