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Water Trap

Compressed Air Water Separators

Water Separator

The new range of water separators is now available from Artic Driers.

For ½ to 80 mm screwed these are priced to sell. Complete with float type drains in the housing as standard. Timed electric drains are also available as an option

These units are available from stock right now!

Optional Extra - Artic 22 - Timed Automatic Condensate Drain

The ARTIC 22 3/8” timed automatic condensate drain eliminates the risk of human error and the costly aftermath, by providing regular controlled air system drainage, on time, every time.

The timer is compact & manufactured in tough ABS fire resistant material. The timers are manufactured to IP 65 NEMA 4 standard. Two externally mounted knobs that are graduated for ease of setting make timing adjustments easy. The opening time of the drain is from is 0 to 45 seconds and the interval between drains is 0.5 to 45 minutes

The timer can be manually triggered and is fitted with two high intensity LED's showing the operational status.

The ARTIC 22 timer is suitable for voltages from 24 V to 240 volt, while the brass bodied valve has a large 4.2 mm orifice Please specify coil voltage on order placement of order.

If your application has heavy solids we suggest that an inline Strainer/Shut off valve is used with the Artic 22. This allows the condensate drain module to be checked while in service


  • The Artic 22 valve is also available in a 40 bar and 80 bar version in brass as well as stainless steel.
  • Valve port sizes, ¼, 3/8 ½ . Please note 3/8 is our standard valve body
  • You can buy any item as a spare, bodies coils or timers
  • Coils available in 12AC 24 AC or DC, 110 and 220 volt
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