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Bry-Air® solves Server Room Contamination problems

Bry-Air® solves Server Room Contamination problems


In this digital age, manufacturing conglomerates corporates, and retail chains are amongst many that rely heavily on information technology for various business operations. These range from online payments, maintaining data bases, inventory management etc.  Any interruption to access the  data  may affect the profitability and the operations of the business. These businesses need servers for continuous and smooth operations which will function 24/7

However, servers are also at risk  due to  constant exposure to  airborne molecular contaminates and gaseous contamination due too  nearby  sources like bulk material yards, process gases, heavy  traffic pollution etc. The gaseous contaminants cause corrosion, disrupting the function of these servers due to  micro corrosion on its electronic components.

Even the leading  server manufactures do  not  provide After Market Care service’s / warranties if the environmental condition of the server room does not match the required standards. They  have stated that airborne particulates and reactive gases acting alone or in combination with other pollutants such as humidity or temperature  poses a severe risk to  the server

Bry-Air® solution

Bry-Air Data Center Air Purifier (DAP)  is the ideal gas phase filtration system with the most  advanced honeycomb Filtration technology .  DAP removes the airborne molecular, gaseous contaminants and reduce downtime through the process of adsorption and chemisorption. It helps in meeting ISA71.04-2013 standards in data centers and server rooms


FFB® Series Dehumidifiers


The FFB series of dehumidifiers provides  a cost effective range of dehumidifiers for a variety of small to medium  applications.

Applications Include;  


Processing and production areas;

  • Breweries
  • Chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Photographic films
  • Safety glass
  • Sand blasting etc.


  • Corrosive metals
  • Electronics
  • Food items
  • Leather
  • Military hardware
  • Precision components
  • Seeds
  • Sugar etc.


  • Chemicals
  • Dairy products
  • Fertilizers
  • Hygroscopic powders
  • Tea/coffee and many more



The moisture is absorbed in the dehumidification sector by the Ecodry® rotor and is exhausted in the reactivation sector by a stream of hot air in a counter flow air stream.

Following the reactivation process, the adsorption sector is again ready to adsorb the moisture. Thus, the two processes of “moisture adsorption” and “reactivation” are taking place with separate airflows continuously and simultaneously. A Positive sealing chamber prevents mixing of the process and reactivation air streams.


The range covers from 170 to 2000 m³/hr. the units  can be mounted within a room or outside the required area. 

Relative humidity control is simple to add to the package. 


Artic Driers provide after care support in the Gauteng area as well as installations of the units if required.

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